Engineered to perfection

Highs and lows, throughout the 4 years, taking many blows, riding over the flows, now my career glows…
I can feel the freedom from the life of a student and the arrival of the life of maturity, independence and a sense of security; for my results got declared yesterday on the internet and to my shock or still better a shocking surprise the result stated aloud “you passes with a distinction. congratulations!”. Boy O Boy, was this for real, i am not gonna believe untill i see the picture clear on Monday at my college. Just cant wait more to drop those dreaded reigns of assignments, file completion, namesake expertimentions and freaking days during exams. I am proud to have atleast the single distinction in all of these 8 semesters and man! do i feel of fresh air flowing amidst the gardens of practicality, commercialism and a reason to put your efforts to where they belong.I dont want to waste my life just running the corners of colleges. Rather i would struggle down the path to make a glorious career out of labourious work , not just sitting down sipping the juices sqeezed from others sweat. I want to taste the success lying in my blood may be it bitter or sweet. I feel the anxiety disappear from my brow as i follow the path to conquer and rise and excel over the ones who have already tread on those lines…

I Bid Adieu to u, my fella engineering…u have given me a time of my life…even if a roller coaster of emotions u spread in me …ill remember how i felt the torments u threw at me..the angst u pushed in me….the hatred u caused in me..i know this wont happen to me in future…but for the future u have given me this way through a pleasant surprise..i will never forget this saga ..the trials n tribulations that u put me thru…he way u made better individual out of myself…in maturity and sense alike…for all the pains and the gains rising from putting a challenge to them…for all those friends who stood by me when i encountered u..i think ill miss ya bad !!

Adios Amigo my dear ! Hope your companionship will make me rise and shine forever ……………………


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