Mail from Nick Jenson

Here is the mail i got from Nick Jenson. Nick Jenson is a 2D/3D Web Designer who lives in Denmark. He is a true inspiration for me after i saw his terrific works on

I had asked him about some fundamentals on 3d imaging. Nice guy that he is! he took his time to reply I am posting this so that those who are really interested in 3d imaging n animations must read his advice.

Hey Nitin

Sorry about the delayed reply, but I am working doubleshifts these days.We have a deadline on a presentation of our game (or how far we have come with the game) to our investor – and on top of that i am finishing op a big freelance job too. Hence, time is rather limited.

Thanx for the kind words – its always nice when others appreciate your work. About 3dsmax – what can i say. Complete hand over it you will never get. You should try the various aspects of creating content in MAX – find out what you like to develop mostly -HiPoly content for tv/print/movies – og LowPoly content for games and realtime vizualisations. Also try to figure out what you like most – modelling/textureing/animating. I myself have completely eglected character animation – simply because i think it is a chapter of its own. You’d proably want to do sketching/drawing classic animation etc. first to get the basics down properly. And that is
easily several years alone. So i mainly model and texture. Thats my preference. Usually i’ve been doing HiPoly, but these days
i do LowPoly for “Seed”. And – I’m all selftaught in 3D. I’ve had 1½ years of general training in computer apps, but 3Dsmax is selftaught. I recommend doing all sorts of tutorials – get some books and join some good 3D communities (, cgtalk, cgnetworks etc.)

– good luck with it 🙂

Med venlig hilsen / Kind regards,

Nick B. Jensen


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