B.E. Trauma

I think Im getting a hangover on the subjects of BE. My dreams are filled with completing reading then entire syllabus though it doesnt show up in reality. 😦 . And my talks are also comprised of enginneering jargons. Just a few days i thought of writing a poem and to my shock or surprise i came up with the below stuff…… Read on!!

Distributed Love

I was the client to her soul she was the server of my heart,

we had overflown the buffer of our love though had a false start,

seemingly endless was the way we shared our memories,

surely our distributed thoughts now had no redundancies,

my feelings started to get encrypted by her mysterious signs,

i couldnt compress any more of them, i had tried many times,

i became the object of her desire so much that i lost my stature,

she considered me as the key to her digital signature,

the nodes of my heart wihtout her, felt lifeless ,

which scared me like i felt i had lost her access,

no viruses, no worms, can now cut us apart like a sword,

ill protect her like a firewall, love forms my password,

in any way i dont wanna lose her so as to have a restart,

i shall always be there for her, till deadlocks do us part!!

Feel its humorous?? but i think not …i think my brain neurons are getting corrupted…n i hope they dont get crashed…..oops….here i go again!


One Response to “B.E. Trauma”

  1. Joanna Krupa Says:


    Interesting post. I came across this blog by accident, but it was a good accident. I have now bookmarked your blog for future use. Best wishes. Joanna Krupa.

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