Launch of BFGWorld

I always had the idea of making a site only for works on graphics when I had started to get acquainted with Photoshop 7. The site took shape a year later but due to the heaviness of the site which was made entirely in Photoshop everyone refrained from accessing it. Well it still lies dormant at Fast Forward to 2005…here I am now tryin my hands on some serious 3D stuff…n I had the privilege to make some good work out of it right during my exam time. So it was time for me to display my assets to the world. But I didn’t have enough time to build a good looking site for posting the works n then I thought of making it accessible thru a blog which would entail me to receive some comments if anybody thought of putting in anytime.
So finally the long awaited dream had come to life in the form of and Im relieved! Hope I get the same feeling after the exams 🙂

2 Responses to “Launch of BFGWorld”

  1. sandesh247 Says:

    You should try making money off your work man … it’s pretty darn good.

  2. nitin Says:

    thnx for that sandy…but i guess the designers i have witnessed which are currently in the money making business are a way lot better than me. I still have to learn a lot to reach to those heights and then i may think of giving it a good thought!

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