The Third Dimension

My head has been filled with the imaginations of making some astounding 3D effects in pictures or animations as i have witnessed the artifacts of the millions of master artists on numerous websites. Man ..Hats off to them for their remarkable efforts and impecable imaginations..I am trying a feeble attempt to follow their footsteps but have crashed in between several times before even having a good start at some of the 3D rendering softwares. I had tried programming 3D renders with Pov-Ray earlier but laziness took toll into leaving the software as it is on my hard-disk. My attempts have been largely to get a nice simple s/w which does not involve much complexities as the one i have been facing in 3Ds MAX6. Woo boy! it sgoing bouncers for me to learn it. Cinema 4D is simple enough than 3Ds but still i am not going skin deep in it. I dont have that much patience to start learning from the basics. I just love to jump on the very last of the tutorials to see upo what extent the software can help me in rendering an amazing artifact. I was thouroughlt impressed while working on Xara 3D and the way the simplicity was maintained in it ..more to add the user made design done in Xara X. Two more s/w have found my attention which are looking quite simple enough, one is Swift 3D and another is Strata 3D CX which are amazing when you look at the Flash trailors on their official websites. I have recently worked on them and found quite good enough.But the problem lies in gettiing these s/w’s crakced as they are new in the market the cracks arent available n i am not keep to spend either to buy them. The only open sourced freeware i found with user interactivity like the rest of them is Blender 3D but due to the configurations required for it by compiling the scripts made in Python i have kept myself away from its usage. I tried to download Lightwave 3D and ZBrush dues to its extreme brushing effects but they require a gruelling procedues of registering on their sites. So i am still in search of a simple s/w since my plan is to get into the third dimension atleat before my sem exam gets over. Lets see if i get my hands atleast on one of them.

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