Bigger the Better?

Finally today was the D day. I mean the final day of my viva n to top it was the day of my project presentation. Srinivas, Thomson, Vishal (my project partners) and I were in full zest to give our best and leave the rest to the examiner. We had waited for his moment from the last one year and all had contributed whatever they could to make this project a success. Our project was popular in my class since we had actually done 2 in place of 1 final year project due to some circumstances but we managed to complete both in the nick of time and to present in an organized manner so much to impress the examiner was my dream. I wanted to be rated amongst the best. Well the presentations turned out to be smooth enough to my relief and everybody showed up with enough enthusiasm which made the examiner impressed which I am sure she was when I heard her saying “It’s a very good project” and the way she was being involved to know more about it and ask about how it could be done more better. But it was frustration time for my colleagues who were waiting for their presentations outside as our presentation took a humungous 1 and half hour to get completed and the time given for a presentation was only half an hour. The only thing which made it look pale to me was the absence of our dear Save Ma’am who was our internal examiner, internal project guide and HOD and my favorite professor. I was really awaiting her presence during the demo to show that we stood to her expectations. This was the biggest of the final year projects she would have seen but due to some problems she couldn’t just make up for it.

Anyways no complaints, no regrets, no frets. Just I am keeping my fingers crossed to see what marks we would be getting for our efforts. As they say the bigger the better… size does matter, but what about the prize?


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