Sense and Sensibility

God has made the mankind…. Much to his surprise he got the idea to give man a sense to think and sensibility to enact the things he sensed.. Sometimes this means a whole lot of complexity to think how a man is structured..How was he incarnate to his sole living stature that he dwells in the current environment…Ever thought about it! ..How could we! …Where do we have the time to give simple thoughts a touch when the time is to enjoy to the fullest or spend the span running behind accomplishments.

just I wonder how our brain was made…So little to come in our palms yet so fragile that one misalignment might take away an entire lifespan..How does such a tiny tot control our lives that we become so much established in our senses that besides ours we start to control the lives of others or take to rule over the entire mankind…phew! That’s one hell of a craziest inventions man can dreams of making…Of making something that would start to live on its own…Get established..Get diligent to grasp the facts..Get more mature and finally to earn a livelihood …

I thank god in every aspect…n I respect the way he has made us evolve ..Its a great feeling just to think about how a child who cuddles to his mother …The next day crawls..The third day starts to talk..n after some years gets so much a sense that his visions can foresee the advent of a new glory that mankind has yet to witness…An inventor…An philosopher ..A evangelist…A ruler…u name it ..What man cannot become!! theres no doubt that we are the sole survivors n will be in the ages hereafter ….

sense n sensibility for the mankind,
is a virtue that we have to embed,
n make the mortal senses immortal,
by rising from the paths that have been tread.


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