This is the fourth n final time (hopefully) im changing my email-ID. I don’t know what the hell is happening to my email accounts. Every time I create one it gets a loophole in between.

Let me tell u my story before u start to think of me as a de-facto fool…I had created my first ever email ID as rediff which was . I was happy with this ID until the day i noticed why i was receiving no mails. The thing was nobody even cared to see the “1” (as in “one “) attached to the end of my name in the ID and those who saw mistook it for “l” which made it look “pail” (as in “to fetch a pail of water”) ..really pale!!! Frustrated i decided to go in for a new Id as one does by shifting his home to a new location when he goes thriving for a pail of
water at his old location… Whatever!. My new home…err…i mean my new ID was now at yahoo …the most trusted inboxes as mentioned by my friends…..n now i was verrrrry careful not to have another “pail” in my list of pathos. I made it 2004 ..heee….that was my new ID … ….Happy n lucky was I when i received the first mail which from yahoo itself stating that I was welcome onboard to their domain n to have fun with my latest
inbox…But I think my happiness was bound to that single mail only..bcoz i never got any mails after that….The thing was that I had actually registered in as n to that moment n further I bragged about my new ID as being at . maybe bcoz i was “com”ming too well with the internet excitement. Till then i had registered in many groups which included my college friends group too and my tragedies spawned me in a way that i had to get the mails by logging in to the group inbox bcoz i never got any of the single mails in my personal inbox due to my gr8 knowledge about com or phew! what a racket these people were making by distributing their pains over different servers i fail to understand n still more to withstand. Okay Okay u got it I am indeed a fool..but now that i armed with this enlightenment i was all in ready for a brand new ID …an ID which would be very simple to remember for all and the most important be placed at a single server…no com plz. Voila! or should i say Lo and Behold! my new Id was ready once again coming back to my previously faithful website..yes which boasted about its lightning fast mail delivery called that was the mistake i forgot to tell you about….i had given my friends my email Id as ..instead of . On yes! now i know y had i not got my mails on that ID ….but forget i am going to have a new Id thats what i had in my mind. Then the ID became a very short n friendly one which was . I was in the fast track for my Id beared the signs of 2005 even when the year was 2004 so much to my despair that one my friends commented that ID’s are not meant to be updated every year as done to antivirus….the joke was pathetic indeed as my mail Id’s.. . Just have an edge over my new found happiness in the form of my short ID along with the power of 1GB storage i was over the rage of losing my previous ID’s..yeehaa 1GB ..i could only dream of mailing a movie in there. Then I thought if i was to keep all my friend’s forwards without deleting any of them in my inbox i would lose a track of any important message from any website or job offers (i have registered over so many places that sometimes get surprised to see my name present in the list of ID’s at different websites). So i thought of going for a special ID for formal mails strictly. Enchant as it new born infants come out with their chants i had created another ID ..abracadabra..gilli gilli phoo… my number of ID’s groo..umm…i mean grew…. n the formal Id after a larger than life thoughts over it became . Now everything seemed to go normal and i started to receive the group mails at these ID’s ..phew! I thought this was an end to the long wait for a trustworthy ID…but sometimes long lasting batsmen too get run out..n that happened with my ID too…but before that let me tell you that i had notified n told my friends that my first ID was n I was still using it n a hell of mails i had received in it. Now let me tell you how it was hijacked n i couldnt use it no more……how bore! Once i got the opportunity to surf in the college a rare opportunity as for me to get a chance n excited I was that I opened my inbox to check my mails ..ok that wasn’t the bad part of it. The thing was I had little knowledge that auto complete feature exists in this Internet Explorer which sometimes makes me hate it…but all the very good if u avoid typing the username n pwd everytime u wanna login but it is dangerous all the very same outside your premises…n to my ill luck that bloody feature was kept on n i wasn’t aware!!!!
i logged off after checking my mails n the next day when i wanted to log in my ID n pwd came on the click of a mouse n i was shell shocked to see it…did it mean anybody could have used my inbox ?? anyways there isn’t much more than crap but still…. but my worst fears were yet to come when i discovered that the ID n pwd gave me an error saying “Invalid User”…hmm ..i shd have guessed it..somebody crept into my inbox yesterday n changed the cheap of that person..n then i thought what a fool I was to lose my first ever ID in this way..hey its not fair!!…try hacking it ..take a challenge …why work on my foolishness…utter distress!…to add it all in a mess. So now I look like a traditional fool. Anyways let me continue from where I stopped..ahh..yess…my new ID nitin2005 was indeed as I thought it was for me a lucky ID..coz my friends never jotted down but yet seemed to remember it n to top of it I received all of my mails in my inbox n all all my forwards in others n I was so excited that I became the forwards bomber amongst my friends since their inboxes seemed to chants only my name..fame!! at last..ahh this was so revealing…err…relieving…made me sing..ohh la la la… Yet as nature has some disasters planned for u in its inbox it forwarded some in mine n the day was 10th of march where the songs n fame came to a halt….whose fault? I have no idea. My inbox seemed to behave very erratically coz my mails now never reached anybody’s inbox after the 10th (I came to know this in form of a surprise thru my friend’s comments who asked me if my PC was down coz he received no forwards)..drat! n double drat!… What should I now say…curse my fate or gloom on my state…mate?..umm…well finally I had decided to have a final ID that I wouldn’t ever betray me like this n then came in Gmail with its beta version on email client n since yahoo was so popular n as said by others the most secure I thought lets give both a damn..i mean ..try….once again I am back in form with my yahoo account which they r saying will turn to 1GB storage …yeehaaa…I mean..yaaahoo…..
n the rest as they say is history…

My current ID is as my official one n I have kept another just in case that too gives away but isn’t gmail a beta version….boohoo!!…when am I gonna get a secure Id where I can trust
to get the mails i want….somebody plzzz help


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