viva – la – viva

vivas have started finally ..the last of the season after which no more vivas ..yes the completion of BE would mark the end of the histioric struggle between life n studies in the college campue n i am gonna miss them …yea unless i do get them cleared !!!

ANN…eeks …that subject which makes me shriek…i am gonna recommend not to any geek to take a subject as such which makes me weak….
phew! i managed to get past the first obstcale of ANN vivas ….maybe it was OKAY acc to me ..lets see what the examiner in store for me.

3 more to go..DC, MS , SS…quite friendlier than ANN….aargh!..i hate to take its name…

as per the wise man said “Artificial Intelligence is no match for natural stupidity”

yea…indeed Artificial neural networks ( ANN ) is more bheja fry than a subject..but let me clarify… i am not a stupiddddd…it was enforced on me..plzzz….

may the lord help me out from the main exams…Amen!


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