You are a stranger!

Queer are the ways of this world.Sometimes you meet people around you who often seem that they are very much interested in the way you have been living and how your past life has been untill this moment. Such people show you there deep rooted affection and tend to somewhat make you feel that you are made to be theri friend at some point in life and bestow your trust on them. They make you feel that they will cooperate with you always whatever the path you seem to chose and lend their helping hand whenver you are heading for the swamp!!

Well, I must say such people make you feel so much theirs that you would like to leave no stone unturned for any of their matters. Well is the point I would like to make! This life is a purpose for all of us. We dwell in this world to fulfill that purpose.We do not know whom we are surviving for…some think its for their family..some for their children…some for others…and some for themselves….But comrade! I would like to tell you that in this entire world in all of your senses you are a total stranger..and you live for no one except for the one who wants you to lead this life for overcoming the tasks for which this life was bestowed to you!

Just think about it! How many people that you trusted for life have given their much needed shoulder when tears trickled in your eyes or how much sorrows has anyone shared with you to lighten you up. Some surely would have done it but i would like to voice a question…was this help entirely out of their self or had it some underlying selfishness..Everybody is selfish for his or her requirements ..not necessarily monetory but some upto amount it does! So you can now ask a question to yourself ..If everyone is selfish then who are you in this world…A person who lies meekly on others support to fulfill their expectations or just another person in their life to make them memorable for you without a reason at all..Doesnt that make you in real sense a total stranger in your own thoughts??


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