Unfathomed Fragilities

Unfathomed Fragilities

Ever since I thought about it,
It made me feel somewhat better,
The things I wanted to achieve,
Revolved around my desires for her.
She was someone I felt near to me,
Closer to her, I tried to make her feel,
Some things cant be controlled I then realized,
For she was in love with someone I despised.
Out of the blue no one seems so close,
She seemed to be my guide on the paths I chose,
Always to be with her, was one wish I held,
To rise to new heights from the ones in which I dwelt,
I used to ask myself if this is right?
My life with her seemed ever so bright,
Why then the situation for me was being so tight?
Such that I felt like being in darkness in daylight.
Sure they were strong the way I would say,
The feelings for her are lost but I do fear them stay,
No future even though have with her, I could,
Kept pushing me, in my mind that I should,
Left right from the day, my mind, wandering,
I had to her, been, over depth, surrendering,
Lost, I don’t wish to be in miseries as such,
In trying to fade away the thoughts that,
I loved her so much…….



3 Responses to “Unfathomed Fragilities”

  1. Pascal Says:

    ahmm… Nitin…
    Whom is this poem for??

  2. nitin Says:

    Pascal…this poem i had written for someone special in mind..n im sorry if i say that i dont want to reveal who she is..coz in all aspects she was and she is special to me..

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Nice Poem Nitin, Keep It UP
    I Wish You Too Can Publish Your Work And EArn NAme!!!

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