Start in the midst of heat!

Hello Friends,
This is my first blog entry.Well just guessing what to write about.
Thers so much to say and so much to share that it becomes very difficult to be aware of happenings around me….Did you notice the rhyme of words. share and be aware….cool..aint it? haw haw…dont you think it isnt more rhyme…

Yesss..i got it what should i write in my first entry….lets make the shubh arambh with a poem…
to write about my experience,
i someimes become tense,
you wanna know why it is so?is it alright if i say no!!
ok life is made of dreams,
hearing them i can take out your screams,
this is not one of my wish,
i dont wanna bring anybodys anguish,
hope u have fun time reading,
let the bells of hapiness start ringing.. 😀

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